How to use a Multi-Version database to store files immutably.

Have you ever considered storing sensitive files on the blockchain? There are many benefits over traditional storage:

  • Data is stored immutably and is indelible.

From a security standpoint, these features help mitigate risk associated with data breaches. Adversaries can’t leak documents that aren’t their own and existing documents can’t be altered, edited, or deleted.

At blockpoint Systems we strive to bring the most security to our users. Using the bSQL language you can easily store immutable files in our Multi-Version Database.

A Small Demonstration

In this article I will show you how…

Exploring Multi-Version data using bSQL.

What is a Time-Travel Query?

Imagine a database that never forgets, no matter what you throw at it. A place for unbiased facts where all changes are tracked. Now imagine you are roped into an adventure with a crazy data science robot. He puts you in the bSQL time-travel mobile and takes you on a trip down data lane.

You learn that application data is always evolving as values are added and removed from the database. Through rich record histories, you find yourself accessing a new dimension of data by exploring its evolution over time.

Enhanced visibility is perhaps one of the most powerful features…

The promise of blockchain technology set out to change data systems and revolutionize networks. Blockchain advocates pledged to decentralize voting, registration, commerce, and currency. Although various changes have been made to many of these fields, there is still a lot more work to be done. Don’t get me wrong, CryptoKitties is pretty cool and the cats are so darn cute, but I think blockchain technology is far from reaching its full potential.

This could be us, but you need to learn about immutable data (p.c. CryptoKitties).

One of the fundamental ideas behind blockchain systems is that data is immutable. Immutable data prevents adversaries from changing existing values within the database. …

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If understanding the inner workings of SQL and NoSQL databases didn’t leave your head spinning, I’d like to dust off a database relic, the Multi-Version database. These systems are actually a fairly simple concept and have been around for decades. Why haven’t you heard of them? Unless you spend your time reading academic papers it’s probably because they never got traction because of hardware constraints. When Multi-Version databases were introduced, storage was for the 1%… Now that storage is a lot cheaper, Multi-Version systems can be revisited as an applicable and cost-effective database solution.

Multi-Version databases are important because:

  • immutable…

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Out with the old

I will be focusing on a typically attractive and lucrative subset of financial institutions, wealth management, and its ability to adapt to a new generation of investors. If the goal is to retain and acquire clients, the question arises of how we can protect and establish new financial relationships throughout this shift.

A generation that interacts with technology seamlessly (Gen X and Gen Y) continues to demand systematic changes while valuing digital and personalized products. These re-wired investors possess an apparent mistrust for big institutions. They embody an individualistic mindset and demand the same quality treatment and products as high-profile…

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